In October 2019, I left Tokyo, where I had lived for 20 years, and two years of agricultural training started at Kashiwagi Farm in the Shimosoga area, Odawara.

Speaking of my career until then, after working for a publishing company and an editing / design company, I became the editor-in-chief of a food delivery company. Obviously I had been on a path unrelated to agriculture, however, during that time, I had a longing for rural migration and agricultural life somewhere in my heart. And two years before I turned 44, I made a big turn in my life, saying that it was my last chance physically.

The road to new farming is by no means easy mentally, physically and even economically. A world where many young people aiming to enter the market leave in the middle of their ambitions. The same is true for working in any industry, but without a strong will, minimum physical strength, and a custom of valuing relationships with others, they won't be able to continue.

Fortunately, I was able to overcome those hurdles and successfully complete the two years of agricultural training. I will never forget the encouragement and support from the trainee, Mr. Kashiwagi, seniors from local farmers, my wife and friends, and even people I met on the Social Networking Service.

From now on, I will continue to grow crops with gratitude to help enrich your dining table from here in Odawara. Also, I hope that people of the same age will receive some kind of hints to spend their lives brightly through my daily challenges.

"Natural Farm Libra" is a farm for everyone who has supported me.


Natural Farm Libra is a Odawara-based orchard founded in 2022, mainly cultivating a mandarin, kiwifruit and Japanese apricot which are distinctive crops of the region.

In the place of scenic beauty surrounded by Sagami Bay and some low mountains, the fruit trees are strongly growing.

The word “Libra” originally derived from the 7th birth sign of the Astrology, indicates Balance, Harmony and Justice.


Editor/Web creator

Born in Hokkaido, 1975. After studying in the UK late 1990s, started working for a publishing company and an editing company Tokyo. Founded a farming company in Odawara 2022.